Hello world!

August 13, 2006


Obviously not all republicans are racists, but the republican party IS the landing site for those who ARE racist. True the democrats started the KKK in the 1800s, but in 1966 when Lyndon Johnson brought in the civil rights act, he uttered those famous words “well there goes the south”, as hundreds of thousands of his democrats who were racist joined the republican party in protest. where they stayed. The head of the KKK David Duke is a card-carrying and staunch republican and as even elected to the house of representatives as a republican, and currently supports and promotes the tea-party, the ultra right wing of the conservatives. Every tea party chapter in the southern states has at least one of David Dukes ‘representatives’ on its board, and many are actually chapter leaders. They do not boast that they are ‘racist’, they just say that they are ‘pro-white’…a kinder gentler message they claim.

Now what Dukes boys do is up to them, they have the freedom of speech right, except that the republican party has not denounced them, because their numbers are so high and represent thousands of votes they need.
All over David Dukes websites and youtube videos are pictures of placards and signs at the tea party rallies of many of the racist nature you see posted on this website. Whether the KKK actually made then or not is undetermined, but they certainly promote them.

If the republican party is against these extreme-racists, where is the outrage and denouncing of their actions….I would like to see that if republicans want us to believe that they are truly not racist.